RESEARCH REPORT: Psychology of Ransomware Demands – Why Do We Pay??

In the wake of a wave of serious ransomware attacks which have spread worldwide affecting public and private sector organisations, this report commissioned by leading endpoint protection provider, SentinelOne – provides a sample of ransomware splash screens and explores their shared features and individual nuances, with the aim of helping victims make better and informed decisions, beating the cyber-criminals at their own game.

The first report of its kind named “Exploring the Psychological Mechanisms used in Ransomware Splash Screens” provides groundbreaking research in to the initial warning screens of ransomware attacks – and analyses why victims give in to ransom demands despite there being other options available.

Carried out by Dr Lee Hadlington PhD, Senior Lecturer in Cyberpsychology at De Montford University, Leicester – he highlights the techniques used by cyber-criminals to intimidate victims in to meeting the ransom demand – with the aim of helping organisations understand better how to respond to these threats.