NSS Labs Report: Forcepoint NGFW Achieves Highest Overall Security Effectiveness Out of 10 Vendors

NSS Labs latest tests prove that NETprotocol’s chosen partner for enterprise-class Next Generation Firewall – Forcepoint – offers the leading combination for enterprise security at low cost. Forcepoint NGFW blocked 99.95% of exploits in the tests and was the only vendor to block 100% of test exploits run from the NSS Labs static exploit library over a continuous live testing period of 31 days.

Forcepoint’s firewall also blocked all evasions while properly indentifying malicious content without any false postives, all at a low total cost ownership (TCO).

NSS Labs Results - Infographic 2017

NSS Labs is the leading independent, thrid-party assessment that tests network security products under real-world conditions.

As a result of these high enterprise security ratings and demonstrated operational efficiency, Forcepoint NGFW received its fifth consecutive “RECOMMENDED” rating since NSS Labs began testing next generation firewalls.

Download the free report to view the full test results and analysis from NSS Labs: