Identify Your Security Gaps with Dark Web ID™ - Find Out Where You're Being Exposed

How can you be sure that your data and security credentials are not being exposed on the Dark Web?

This question poses one of your greatest IT challenges – however by using Dark Web ID™, we are able to identify any breaches within minutes and then monitor your security to avoid any future threats.

Suitable for any size organisation, Dark Web ID™ provides actionable intelligence allowing you to ensure your company’s brand, employees and all other stakeholders are protected, offering complete peace of mind. We can identify any user credentials (emails / passwords) which have been exposed on the Dark Web and use this information to stop criminals from infiltrating your network and stealing valuable data.

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Key benefits

  • Reduce Security Risk
  • Corporate Email Monitoring
  • Supply Chain Security
  • Instant Threat Intel
  • Set Up in Mintues
  • Early Warning System