Packages are created bespoke to individual clients and their data needs. To see an estimate of what the GDPR Data Discovery Process would cost your business please complete the form below:

GDPR Prices & Packages

Key Features & Deliverables:

  • Provides an initial viewpoint of an organsiation’s current exposure and levels of risk
  • Identifies and maps how personal data is stored and processed
  • Defines range of data sources and applications to be managed
  • Conducts a sample e-discovery of <10TB of real world data, with summary reports and findings presented back
  • Roadmaps next steps and transformations required
  • Reviews information governance and creates an information asset register
  • Provides an all-inclusive GDPR GAP Analysis
  • Develops a Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) Strategy

Key Benefits:

  • A full end-to-end understanding of your data environment and gap analysis
  • A proposed action plan to meet needs of the new legislation
  • Key outputs designed to feed into automation and management tools
  • An opportunity for the implementation of holistic data governance policies
  • The implementation of a much more efficient and reactvie management data environment