GDPR Compliance: Guide to Data Retention

“Data retention” is now a huge concern for the legal sector and other data-driven industries, and its scope goes far beyond what data to retain and for how long. Until now, organisations knew they had to retain certain documents for a specified number of years to meet legal and regulatory obligations and that was about it.

The situation is completely different today. New legal and business requirements mean a clear data retention policy must be in place and many firms are appointing Data Protection Officers (DPO) to enforce these. In fact, by May 2018, organisations that collect or process data on EU citizens will be required to designate a DPO by the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

This ‘Ultimate Guide to Data Retention’ is designed to help organisations confront these challenges and will tell you:

  • Why is data erasure suddenly so important, and why are so many organizations weak in this area?
  • Who should be on the team to build and enforce a data retention policy to meet GDPR compliance?
  • Which data you can and can’t keep and when to delete it

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