E-BOOK: Secure Your Passwords for GDPR

With advanced threats being a genuine reality for law firms, the world of Privileged Account Management (PAM) has become an overwhelming task.

Where should you begin to secure your privileged passwords? What are the basics of PAM to meet GDPR compliance and provide foundations for a secure network?

This FREE E-BOOK offers a no-nonsense guide to the essentials of PAM including:

  • Learning how to identify all your Privileged Accounts
  • Ensuring that the way staff are using passwords isn’t compromising security
  • Understanding how Privileged Accounts are being exploited by attackers
  • Providing practical tips for improving your PAM
  • Giving you the Top 7 ways to securing your organisation’s passwords

Get your copy below to learn about PAM in an easy-to-digest format, and find out how simple securing your accounts from attackers can be…. in time for GDPR:

FREE E-BOOK - PAM for Dummies