E-BOOK: Advanced Evasion Techniques (AETs) for Dummies

What has your business done in the last 12 months to fortify its response to network security threats, compliance regulations and cybercrime? From research carried out by NETprotocol’s chosen security partner Forcepoint™, we have evidence which shows that Advanced Evasion Techniques (AETs) continue to break the traditional security protection model, which most legal firms, and other prime targets for these attacks, are still using today.

With this complimentary E-Book – we can help you rethink your strategy for combatting this challenging threat landscape and gain a greater understanding of AETs, how they work, what risks they bring, why they are so effective and most importantly – how to defeat them:

EBOOK - AETs for Dummies


  • Understand how cybercriminals use AETs to bypass common security measures
  • See why AETs are the weapons of choice for large attacks
  • Assess the risks posed by AETs for your organization
  • Know how to proactively protect yourself from AETs