DEMO: Legal Backup & DR Solution

15 minutes is all you need! Watch this 15 minute demo to see why numerous Top 200 and 500 law firms have adopted this groundbreaking Disaster Recover and Backup solution. Every client who has seen this demo has implemented the solution within their business – here’s why:

  • A full system backup takes place every 15 minutes – everyday, forever…
  • It provides the quickest and easiest restore process ever seen
  • The technology operates without impacting or interrupting business operation
  • It encompasses disk based backup and a continuous offsite replication process
  • Costs are dramatically reduced including: storage, consumables, overheads & management time
  • Hugely efficient solution with expectations for an unbeatable ROI
  • Full scalability to fit the ongoing and changing needs of your business

Save time and capacity with NETprotocol’s ReadyRECOVER solution powered by NETGEAR. Easy-to-manage, one back up is all you will ever need due to NETGEAR’s hardware integrity and StorageCraft’s cutting-edge software.

You can quickly and reliably restore files, folders or systems to any platform, physical or virtual, from any point in time and cut your business’s costs whilst fundamentally protecting your reputation.

Find out here how our client, Lee & Thompson has found that over-storage could be reduced by up to 54 times, cutting overhead costs by 50 per cent and significantly boosting ROI. Click here for full case study…


Key benefits

  • Real Business Benefits
  • Full Backup every 15 mins
  • Extremely Capacity Efficient
  • Easy Recovery & Limited Downtime
  • Requires Minimised Bandwidth
  • Long-term Scaleable Solution
  • 5 Year Hardware Warranty
  • Lifetime Technical Support