DEMO: Allied Telesis Enterprise Networking for Schools

Networking specialist, Allied Telesis, provide high-speed wired and wireless access that enables a continuous and uninterrupted connection between your school’s digital learning devices and network infrastructure. Allied Telesis offers direct benefits to students and teachers alike on a daily basis, through protecting sensitive data and allowing a seamless transition between classrooms and learning platforms.

How the technology works:

  • Seamless Roaming– Single channel and multi-channel wireless at the same time, on the same AP, for the ultimate mobile experience
  • Easy-management– Automated radio optimisation for the best coverage, without costly manual intervention
  • Rapid Deployment– Expand your wireless network effortlessly, without the need for channel planning or additional cabling

The benefits to your school:

  • High-speed wired and wireless access – High definition video conferencing, interactive whiteboards and other smart devices require high-speed, highly available network access
  • High-density wireless – Students can use up to 5 different wireless devices on campus, which require a network that doesn’t compromise performance or connectivity
  • Physical security – Enabling video surveillance of people and property so that learning can continue unhindered and without disruption
  • Outdoor wireless – provides seamless wireless connectivity to support student learning, wherever they choose to connect

To see how Allied Telesis can elevate your student’s learning experience, book a live demo below:

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