Download Report: Delete vs Erase - How To Maintain Compliance

Due to a misunderstanding of required data removal methods, many organisations are leaving large volumes of sensitive, confidential and compromising data exposed and vulnerable to loss or theft. Over the last several years the need for law firms to understand how to permanently and verifiably erase data from IT equipment and devices has become more prominent. More often than not, organisations will consider this necessary when their equipment reaches end of life, however improper data management can bring serious consequences.

DOWNLOAD GUIDE: DELETE vs ERASE – How To Remain Compliant

It’s easy to confuse deleting and erasing files. Does your organisation have the right tools and data retention policies to effectively manage and remove active files in your data centre? This report shows that many companies are facing issues around the complete sanitisation of their sensitive data, often leaving it exposed to potential loss or theft by misunderstanding best practices.

Highlights from the study:

  • Over half (51 percent) of the respondents believe files are permanently gone when they empty the Recycle Bin.
  • Another 51 percent believe performing a quick format and/or full reformat of a computer’s entire drive is sufficient to remove data forever.
  • 33 percent of IT professionals store non-functional desktop/laptop computers, external drives and servers in easily accessible, unsecured locations.
  • Data retention policies need better oversight and enforcement. 30 percent of organisations don’t have written data retention or removal policies in place.

Find out the dangers of these findings and how such situations could be putting your business at risk….