DEMO- How To Detect Next Level Cyber Threats Hidden Within Emails

If an email entered your business with risky or malicious content embedded within an attachment – how would you detect this threat and remove it, before it’s too late?

Clearswift ARgon is not your standard email gateway solution which is unable to protect your business against next-generation threats. The technology is a highly intelligent adaptive data loss protection platform that acts as an additional layer to your existing security solution. But, how does it work?

ARgon has three main components:

  1. Data Redaction: identifies and removes the risk of any sensitive information leaving or entering your business
  2. Document Sanitisation: detects and removes emails that include risky PDF’s and attachments which could contain damaging information or malware
  3. Structural Sanitisation: allows you to protect business interests by purging common document formats of active and embedded content

Legal clients are switching to Clearswift ARgon as their preferred choice for Data Loss Protection, in order to achieve complete security as sensitive information leaves and enters their business; such as bank details and personal/client credentials.

To see how the technology works, you can request a free demonstration below: 

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