AI-Driven Cyber Attacks Are Going ‘Mainstream’ – How To Prepare

‘Offensive AI’ cyber attacks are the next biggest threat to data-rich sectors – compromising business continuity and reputation.

AI is now being leveraged by cybercriminals in various forms of machine learning to supercharge their cyberattacks, resulting in unpredictable, contextualised, speedier, and stealthier assaults that cripple unprotected organisations.

In this report, Forrester Consulting evaluate the emergence of offensive AI, and how organisations can adopt the right security practices to defend against them.


  1. Digitalisation is opening up your business to more advanced attacks, causing widespread concern
  2. Firms are struggling to defend against offensive AI attacks as humans are unable to react quickly enough
  3. 80%+ of respondents value automated reponse technology to offset the limitations of a human reponse

In this report you will find out:

  • Whether your business is vulnerable to even faster and more effective AI-powered attacks
  • How you can protect against increasing AI attacks at speed in future
  • How and why the cybercriminals’ speed outpaces that of your security team
  • How you can improve speed of response and establish automated detection and resolution

AI attacks are so unpredictable and stealthy that they will evade traditional security approaches.

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