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NETprotocol and Nimble join forces to reveil the industry’s only predictive All Flash Array. Combining Fast Flash Performance with Predictive Analytics to deliver outstanding data velocity....

What does “Dangerous Data” look like for GDPR?

Whilst hoarding data “just in case” can seem the safest option, it’s actually a dangerous policy. Computers and inexpensive storage have […] Read more

GDPR COMPLIANCE: Password Policy Template

SAVE COUNTLESS HOURS! Download our FREE Password Policy Template to meet new GDPR guidelines and demonstrate evidence that your confidential data […] Read more

GDPR Compliance: Responsibilities Of Your DPO

To be compliant with EU GDPR, you must ensure your organisation has somebody in place who holds the responsibility of […] Read more

GDPR Compliance: Guide to Data Retention

“Data retention” is now a huge concern for the legal sector and other data-driven industries, and its scope goes far beyond […] Read more

E-BOOK: Secure Your Passwords for GDPR

With advanced threats being a genuine reality for law firms, the world of Privileged Account Management (PAM) has become an […] Read more

WHITEPAPER: GDPR Countdown – Top Priorities

Whilst “Compliance” has always been high on the agenda for law firms, never so much so as now, as we […] Read more

GDPR Data Discovery Process – Prices & Packages

Packages are created bespoke to individual clients and their data needs. To see an estimate of what the GDPR Data […] Read more

NSS Labs Report: Forcepoint Achieves Highest Score of 10 Vendors

NSS Labs latest tests prove that NETprotocol’s chosen partner for enterprise-class Next Generation Firewall – Forcepoint – offers the leading […] Read more

FREE TOOL: Assess your Password Security Risk

The industry’s first free Privileged Account Management (PAM) risk assessment tool has been launched offering an easier, faster and free […] Read more

RESEARCH: Thycotic Reveals Key Risks For Getting Hacked

Thycotic’s Black Hat survey 2017 results are a wakeup call for organisations to bolster their cyber security efforts. The report details […] Read more

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