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NETprotocol recommends MaxParallel to law firms as the simple remedy to sluggish or erratic response in your critical data-intensive applications. Over 90% of law firms see a tangible ROI and increased billing hours overnight...

FREE TRIAL: MaxParallel™ Workload Optimisation Tech

Faster response times to applications means more billable hours available for your lawyers, which is why NETprotocol have trialled MaxParallel™ […] Read more

What does “Dangerous Data” look like for GDPR?

Whilst hoarding data “just in case” can seem the safest option, it’s actually a dangerous policy. Computers and inexpensive storage have […] Read more

GDPR COMPLIANCE: Password Policy Template

SAVE COUNTLESS HOURS! Download our FREE Password Policy Template to meet new GDPR guidelines and demonstrate evidence that your confidential data […] Read more

GDPR Compliance: Responsibilities Of Your DPO

To be compliant with EU GDPR, you must ensure your organisation has somebody in place who holds the responsibility of […] Read more

GDPR Compliance: Guide to Data Retention

“Data retention” is now a huge concern for the legal sector and other data-driven industries, and its scope goes far beyond […] Read more

E-BOOK: Secure Your Passwords for GDPR

With advanced threats being a genuine reality for law firms, the world of Privileged Account Management (PAM) has become an […] Read more

WHITEPAPER: GDPR Countdown – Top Priorities

Whilst “Compliance” has always been high on the agenda for law firms, never so much so as now, as we […] Read more

GDPR Data Discovery Process – Prices & Packages

Packages are created bespoke to individual clients and their data needs. To see an estimate of what the GDPR Data […] Read more

NSS Labs Report: Forcepoint Achieves Highest Score of 10 Vendors

NSS Labs latest tests prove that NETprotocol’s chosen partner for enterprise-class Next Generation Firewall – Forcepoint – offers the leading […] Read more

FREE TOOL: Assess your Password Security Risk

The industry’s first free Privileged Account Management (PAM) risk assessment tool has been launched offering an easier, faster and free […] Read more

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