About Us

At NETprotocol, we have created a unique combination of people, skills and technology, which has been refined and perfected over the course of 17+ years, to provide flexible solutions which meet the bespoke needs of each client. In particular, we have developed unprecedented standards of quality and security, designed to meet the strict compliance requirements of regulated industries such as the legal and education sectors.

What makes us different?

Our success to date has been built upon referrals and recommendations from both clients and vendor partners. We have historically done very little to market ourselves and so our credibility has been gained entirely through the high level of technical expertise and customer experience we provide to our current clients. Testament to this approach is our 100% retention and renewal record for IT support contracts.

Why choose NETprotocol?

  • Fully Compliant IT Solutions
  • Unrivalled industry knowledge
  • Enterprise-class Technology
  • On-Premise, Hosted or Hybrid Options
  • Tier 3+ UK Based Data Centre
  • Full Service IT Consultancy and Support
  • Highest levels of Technical Certification
  • Integrated IT & Telephony Capabilities